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Winning Eleven: Play Maker 2008 Cheats

Players from the past:
Unlock players from the past by winning these cups/leagues:

African Cup
American Cup
Asia Cup
Division 1 League
England League
European Cup
European League
France League
Italy League
Oceania Cup
Spanish League
The Netherlands League.

Mii Match mode:
To unlock Mii Match mode, finish at the top of Practive League in the Champions Road.

Unlocking players:
To unlock players such as David Beckham, beat their team in World Tour mode.

Classic teams:
Win the World Cup with Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, or Netherlands to unlock their classic team.

Classic players:
Unlock the following groups of classic players by performing the corresponding tasks:

Classic Players 1 – At the Master League, win the Division 1 League.
Classic Players 2 – At the Master League, win the Division 1 Cup.
Classic Players 3 – Win the European League.
Classic Players 4 – At the Master League, win the European Cup.
Classic Players 5 – Win the England League.
Classic Players 6 – Win the France League.
Classic Players 7 – Win the Italy League.
Classic Players 8 – Win the Netherlands League.
Classic Players 9 – Win the Spanish League.
Classic Players 10 – Win the European Cup.
Classic Players 11 – Win the African Cup.
Classic Players 12 – Win the American Cup.
Classic Players 13 – Win the Asia/Oceania Cup.

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