X360 Cheats

XBox 360 – Alien Hominid HD Cheats

Hats:Unlock the following hats by performing the corresponding tasks: HAT – HOW TO UNLOCKArea 51 Agent – Beat level 3-2. Black Afro – Beat level 1-5. Blond Wig/Pearls – Beat level 1-2. Brown Hair – Defeat the final Boss on the Hard, then jump off the spaceship before the screen fades. Brown – Kill seven birds in level 2-5, then Beat the level. Brown Wig/Pearls – Beat level 1-3. Chef – Beat level 1-3. Conical Purple – Destroy the “Castle Of Crap” building in level 1-3, then Beat the level. Crown Of Flowers – Beat level 1-1 with gore off. Daisy-petal – Beat level 2-3. Jester

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