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XBox 360 – Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Cheats

Mission codes:Unlock the following missions by entering the corresponding case-sensitive codes at the “Bonus Codes” menu:MISSION – CODEAmbush (North American version) – AmbushU454Ambush (European version) – SATURNAttack From The Darkness (European version) – AMAZON.DEClose Quarters – CloseQ8M3Coastal Fortress (European version) – Play.comCoastal Stronghold – StrongM577Debris Field – OFPWEB2Encampment – OFPWEB1Fire Team Engagement – BLEEDINGBADLYNight Raid – RaidT18ZKicking doors open:To kick a locked door open, sprint towards it and hold “Use”.Hidden PLA chopper:There is a hidden PLA chopper in mission 1 on the western beach of the island. After destroying the western SAM site, walk along the beach and you

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