X360 Cheats

XBox 360 – Outfit, The Cheats

Infinite points:To get infinite points, gain 9,999 battlefield points which will give you an unlimited amount of points to buy things with destruction on demand. Your points will never go down.To easily gain the 9,999 points needed for infinite points, play through the level you want to use it on, then save the game just before the end so that you have a lot of points. Then, load that game. It will start at the beginning, and you will have all of your points. You will also still have all your all your buildings. Go through the level and slaughter them to gain points quickly.Make a foxhole:Find a deep hole in the ground and then order an anti-tank gun or machine gun nest in front of it. Crouch down in it to get protection when reloading or when your gun overheats.Cheat options:Unlock the following cheat options by collecting the corresponding numbers of medals. Note: Enabling a cheat will disable the earning of Achievements.CHEAT FUNCTION – MEDALSInfinite Sprint – 4 MedalsFaster Health Regeneration Rate – 8 MedalsNo Overheat On Weapons – 12 MedalsInfinite Field Units – 17 MedalsInsane Damage Multiplier – 21 MedalsMega Health – 25 Medals Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKGame Completion Award (30 points) – Beat the game.Master of Capturing (20 points) – Capture more than 10 objectives in a single Ranked Quick Match game.Great Score (30 points) – Score more than 350 points in a single Ranked Quick Match game.Victories Keep Piling Up (75 points) – Win 500 Ranked Quick Match games.Infantry Killer (25 points) – Get 1,000 infantry kills in Ranked Quick Match games.Vehicle Killer (25 points) – Get 200 vehicle kills in Ranked Quick Match games.Emplacement Killer (25 points) – Get 250 emplacement kills in Ranked Quick Match games.Great Shooting (25 points) – Get an accuracy greater than 40% in a single Ranked Quick Match game.Marksman (50 points) – Get an accuracy greater than 25% over your Ranked Quick Match game career.Feared (25 points) – Get more than 20 enemy player kills in a single Ranked Quick Match game.Clear Winner (35 points) – Get victories totaling 1000 Command Points in Ranked Quick Match games.Guns Blazing (45 points) – Get an average score of over 18 per minute of play in Ranked Quick Match games.Focused Fire (40 points) – Kill enemy players faster than 1.7 per minute of play in Ranked Quick Match games. Combat Aid (10 points) – Aid fellow paratroopers in combat.Searchlights Destroyed (10 points) – Eliminate the enemy

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