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XBox 360 – Warriors Orochi Cheats

Last Gaiden stages:Unlock the following characters Last Gaiden stage by performing the corresponding tasks in Stage 7:CHARACTER – HOW TO UNLOCKSengoku – Get 1,000 KOs.Shu – Escape from the burning castle in under two minutes.Wei – Defeat the defected Da Ji in under one minute.Wu – Rescue the Sun family in under three minutes.Unlockable characters:Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:CHARACTER – HOW TO UNLOCKAzai Nagamasa – Beat Stage 6 in Wei Story mode.Cao Cao – Beat Stage 7 in Wei Story mode.Da Ji – Beat all stages in the game, including the Gaiden stages.Da Qiao – Meet Da Qiao before the enemy does in Wu Story mode in Gaiden 5.Dian Wei – Beat Stage 7 in Wei Story mode.Dong Zhuo – Play SW 4-X Battle Of Si Shui Gate. Kill all the Supply Captains before they get to Dong Zhuo. The first one is at the center-north base. The second one is in the center-west base. The third one is center-north accompanied by Lu Bu. After killing, all the Supply Captains, Dong Zhuo will rebel. Beat the level to unlock him.Fuuma Kotaro – Defeat him after all supply troops have reached your HQ in Wu Story mode in Gaiden 2.Gan Ning – Beat Stage 6 in Wei Story mode.Guan Ping – Beat Stage 1 in Sengoku Story mode.Guan Yu – Beat Stage 7 in Shu Story mode.Honda Tadakatsu – Impress him in all Story modes in Gaiden 7. To impress him, you must do the following. For SW Stage X7, you must lead the messenger to the escape point and defeat Lu Bu. Wait for reinforcement to arrive and do not allow an ally to die. Then, defeat Date Masamune. For Shu Stage X7, all of the peasants must escape safely. You must also defeat Lu Bu

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