XBOX Cheats

XBox – Full Spectrum Warrior Cheats

Army Version:
Enter HA2P1PY9TUR5TLE in cheat codes.

Concept Movie:
Beat the game on any setting to unlock a concept cinema.

Authentic Mode (No HUD, Higher Difficulty):
Enter “SWEDISHARMY” as a code.

Big Head Mode:
Enter “NickWest” as a code.

Unlimited Ammunition:
Enter “MERCENARIES” as a code.

Concept FMV sequence:
Successfully complete the game.

Prevent deaths:
When you start your objective, and a few of your men die, the game prompts you to press X to load from last save. Then it asks you to press Circle to begin a replay at last save point. Press Circle and you can fast forward the replay. Just before your men die on the replay, press Start. Scroll down the pause menu and select “Jump into replay”. Then, stop your men from entering enemy territory.

Marking enemies:
This trick will help you through most of your missions by marking your enemies. Press R2 to bring up your GPS at any time then press Square. You will hear a woman

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