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Zoo Tycoon DS Cheats

Cheat mode:
To unlock all animals, foliage, buildings, and other objects, at the main menu, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right.

Guest Name Cheat Codes:
Activate the following cheats by changing the guest’s names to the corresponding names:

All animal houses – “Andrew Binder”
All animal shelters – “John Wheeler” or “Adam Levesque”
All animal toys – “Lou Catanzaro”
All foliage – “Charlie Peterson”
All scenarios completed – “Akiyama”
Money is donated to zoo – “Bill Gates”
Animals breed more frequently – “Dr Dolittle”
Endangered animals -“Steve Serafino”
Sick guests – “Zeta Psi”
Blue shirts – “Mr. Blue”
Brown shirts – “Mr. Brown”
Orange shirts – “Mr. Orange”
Pink shirts – “Mr. Pink”
White shirts – “Mr. White”
Yellow shirts – “Mr. Blonde”

Bonus scenarios:
There are four bonus scenarios that are unlocked by completing a scenario on different difficulty settings.

Control credits screen:
At the credits screen, tap the lion at the bottom of the screen. It will put a piece of trash in the trash can. If you tap it again, it will take it out.

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