Bronze trophies
First of Many – Hunt the First Trophy.
First Five Flags – Collect the first 5 Flags from the vehicle hunts.
Far, Far Away… – Hunt 5 Trophies from at least 200 yards away.
Steadiness – Hunt 15 Trophies from a Shooting Rest.
Optimal Shot – Shoot a Trophy from optimal distance.
Gold Rush – Obtain all the Gold medals.
Know Your Target – Mark 20 big game animals.
Fearless Hunter – Hunt 3 attacking animals in a single mission.
Backbone – Hunt 8 attacking animals.
Shiny New Firearm – Unlock your first firearm.
Hunting Expertise – Finish the first hunting mission.
Overlooking – Activate 20 Hilltop Spotting locations.
Move on Hands and Knees – Activate 15 Shooting Rests.
Hunter Vision – Mark 10 Trophies in Strategic View.
Shooting Proficiency – Earn 180 GP in one hunt.
Quick Hunt Rookie – Claim an animal on 5 Quick Hunt levels.

Silver trophies
25 Flags – Collect 25 Flags from the vehicle hunts.
Skill Shot – Hunt a big game animal from at least 70 yards away.
Quick Hunt Pro – Claim an animal on all Quick Hunt levels.
Step on the Gas – Hunt 4 animals in the vehicle hunts.
Skillful Hunter – Hunt 10 small game animals.
Quick Hunt Expert – Claim more than 20 animals in Quick Hunt.
20 Semi-Auto Hunts – Hunt 20 animals with Semi-Auto firearms.
20 Lever Action Hunts – Hunt 20 animals with Lever Action firearms.
Big Five – Hunt one Cape Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard, Lion and White Rhino.
Gun Master – Unlock all the gun parts.
Complete Semi-Auto Collection – Unlock all the Semi-Auto firearms.
Complete Lever Action Collection – Unlock all the Lever Action firearms.
Pursuing the Hunt – Find 50 animal tracks.
High Score – Earn 25,000 XP from a single Trophy.
20 Rifle Hunts – Hunt 20 animals with rifles.

Gold trophies
Complete Rifle Collection – Unlock all the Rifles.
Master Hunter – Reach the highest level possible.
Experience is Piling Up – Reach 500,000 XP.
All Flags – Gather all the Flags from the vehicle hunts.

Platinum trophy
Grand Master Hunter – Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.