Bronze trophies
Bathe in the Well – Use any recovery well at least 15 times.
Bear Up! – Accumulate 40 hours of play time.
Camper – Use the camp at least 25 times.
Charged Magnet Coil – Obtain the Charged Magnet Coil artifact.
Compulsive Hoarder – Obtain at least 100 hidden treasure items.
Crafting Novice – Improve your weapons or armor at the crafting shop for 10 times.
Crystal Clasp – Obtain the Crystal Clasp artifact.
Don’t Worry, Be Happy! – Lose three battles.
Dozeru – Acquire Dozeru.
Ethereal Spike – Obtain the Ethereal Spike artifact.
First Victory – Win your first battle on Rainbow Moon.
Forgotten Island – Discover and enter the Forgotten Island, an optional area on Rainbow Moon.
Fused Twilight Gem – Obtain the Fused Twilight Gem artifact.
Gambling Expert – Win five ‘Class-A’ prizes in the lottery.
Gorodo – Acquire Gorodo.
Hit and Run Fighter – Win 50 or more random encounter battles.
Level Fan – Reach level 100 with any of your main characters.
Limwar’s House – Discover and enter Limwar’s House, an optional dungeon in the Green Shimmer Forest.
Lucky One – Win 10 prizes in the lottery.
Magic Socket – Obtain the Magic Socket artifact.
Mojo of Tears – Obtain the Mojo of Tears.
Mojo of Torture – Obtain the Mojo of Torture.
Mojo of Trust – Obtain the Mojo of Trust.
Monster Cutter – Create 100 new monsters by tiling existing monsters with the killing stroke.
Monster Farmer – Kill at least 300 of the same type of monster.
Murky Basement – Discover and enter the Murky Basement, an optional dungeon in Burning Steppe.
Noble Tourist – Stay overnight at the tavern 10 times.
Ocher Stone Swamp – Discover and enter the Ocher Stone Swamp, an optional area on Rainbow Moon.
Orb of Delusion – Obtain the Orb of Delusion artifact.
Passive Skill Fan – Learn at least 10 different passive skills with any of your main characters.
Pro Crafter – Improve your weapons or armor at the crafting shop for 50 times.
Rainbow Pearl Collector – Accumulate 200 Rainbow Pearls with any character before spending them at the savant.
Rich? – Accumulate 2,500 Rainbow Coins in your inventory.
Sarrothrod’s Rescuer – Help Sarrothrod in the Southport Mines to escape from the dungeon and return to Cassar Village.
Scaredy Cat – Escape 30 times from a battle using the escape option.
Serena – Acquire Serena.
Side Quest Master – Complete 40 side quests or more.
Trisha – Acquire Trisha.
Twisted Pole – Obtain the Twisted Pole artifact.
Warehouse – Discover and enter the Warehouse, an optional dungeon in Taswan.
Well Boss Killer – Defeat the monster that lives in the well in Cassar Village and get back to Stella.
Well Explorer – Discover and use all wells on Rainbow Moon.

Silver trophies
Bulls Eye – Win two ‘Class-S’ prizes in the lottery.
Everlasting Perfectionist – Accumulate 100 hours of play time.
Extreme Crafter – Improve your weapons or armor at the crafting shop for 250 times.
Half a Millionaire – Accumulate 500,000 Rainbow Coins in your inventory.
Level Master – Reach level 250 with any of your main characters.
Level Up – Level up any of your active skills to level 50 or higher.
Make Friend – SAcquire all six main characters.
Skilled! – Acquire and learn all available skills for any of your main characters. (The skill level doesn’t matter)

Gold trophies
Dimension Traveler – Rebuild and obtain the Magic Portal Staff and defeat Namoris for the last time to gain unlimited warp access to the portal.
Level God – Reach level 500 with any of your main characters.

Platinum trophy
Official Rainbow Moon Hero – Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.?