Cheat Codes:
Enter the “Options” menu and select “Park Decoder”, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Asteroid Splash – Splotch,?Splotch,?Splotch,?Crown
Atari Dragon – Crown,?Drink,?Crown,?Drink
Atari Ride Theme – Wrench,?Drink,?Wrench,?Drink
Bamboo Fence – Ferris Wheel,?Wrench,?Wrench,?Wrench
Black Beard – Roller Coaster,?Roller Coaster,?Splotch,?Splotch
Boneyard – Splotch,?Ferris Wheel,?Mechanic,?Mechanic
Cemetary Fence – Crown,?Crown,?Mechanic,?Mechanic
Chute Drop – Wrench,?Mechanic,?Crown,?Crown
Coffin Bench – Mechanic,?Splotch,?Wrench,?Wrench
Combat Arena – Splotch,?Tree,?Wrench,?Wrench
Combat Mech – Mechanic,?Mechanic,?Mechanic,?Wrench
Dead Elm – Drink,?Drink,?Ferris Wheel,?Tree
Flying Carpet – Wrench,?Splotch,?Tree,?Tree
Fourth Dimension – Crown,?Drink,?Ferris Wheel,?Ferris Wheel
Ginger Breads – Ferris Whee,L Ferris Wheel,?Tree,?Ferris Wheel
Griffin Bounce – Crown,?Crown,?Mechanic,?Drink
Hi Tech Sign – Mechanic,?Tree,?Mechanic,?Tree
Liquid Magic – Mechanic,?Mechanic,?Tree,?Mechanic
Mangrove – Splotch,?Tree,?Tree,?Splotch
Meteors – Ferris Wheel,?Drink,?Tree,?Tree
Moai Head – Crown,?Crown,?Mechanic,Crown
Outlaw Cactus – Splotch,?Ferris Wheel,?Splotch,?Ferris Wheel
Picket Fence – Splotch,?Drink,?Splotch,?Splotch
Pumpkin Slime – Drink,?Splotch,?Drink,?Splotch
Red Baron Refresh – Drink,?Mechanic,?Crown,?Wrench
Reverse – Ferris Wheel,?Wrench,?Wrench,?Ferris Wheel
Robot Revolve – Ferris Wheel,?Splotch,?Crown,?Crown
Robot Trash Can – Crown,?Crown,?Splotch,?Splotch
Rocket Repair – Drink,?Ferris Wheel,?Splotch,?Splotch
Standup Twister – Ferris Wheel,?Ferris Wheel,?Splotch,?Splotch
String Theory – Mechanic,?Mechanic,?Splotch,?Splotch
Sundae Surprise – Drink,?Splotch,?Wrench,?Wrench
Sunflower – Drink,?Splotch,?Crown,?Crown
Suspended Swinging – Ferris Wheel,?Ferris Wheel,?Ferris Wheel,?Tree
Tea Cups – Roller Coaster,?Tree,?Roller Coaster,?Tree
Techno Falls – Wrench,?Roller Coaster,?Mechanic,?Splotch
Tropical Blends – Crown,?Ferris Wheel,?Crown,?Crown
Wing Seater – Splotch,?Wrench,?Crown,?Crown
Zipper – Drink,?Ferris Wheel,?Ferris Wheel,?Ferris Wheel