Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKPest Control (10 points) – Ten stingers in five seconds. How long for the other 600,000?Hobbe Juggler (10 points) – You juggled a hobbe. A career in the circus awaits. A pretty odd circus, admittedly.Boom-erang (10 points) – You killed a hobbe with his own bomb. ?Tis the sport to have the enginer hoist with his own petar.The Whites of Their Eyes (10 points) – You got cosy with a balverine. You must have nerves of steel — and no working olfactory system.Return of the Black Knight (10 points) – You dismantled a hollow man. It?s just a (rotting) flesh-wound!Trollololol (20 points) – You emerged unscathed from a troll fight. Problem?B-B-Q (10 points) – Roast chicken is the best smell in the world. Unless you?re a chicken.Great Balls of Fire (10 points) – You killed three enemies with one Fireball. Goodness gracious.Shardly a Problem (10 points) – You cast Shards with utmost precision. For your next trick, spear an apple off Seren?s head.Five Billion Candle Power (10 points) – You burned the Corruption from three creatures with one spell. Time to break out the factor 40.Mind Your Manas (20 points) – You dished out a veritable smorgasbord of spell power. Delicious.Toasty (10 points) – Burning through the sky at 200 degrees. That?s why they call him Mr. Pushed-in-the-Lava.Bam! (20 points) – There it is! You killed ten creatures with explosive barrels.Flail (20 points) – You killed 500 enemies. The Grim Reaper loves round numbers.Epic Flail (40 points) – 1,000 kills! That?s a lot of killing. You should have a lie down. And a shower.Fore! (10 points) – You killed three enemies with thrown objects. Down in front!Reflectology (20 points) – You killed 15 enemies with their own attacks. Reflect on your progress, and feel proud.Fear of Flying (30 points) – You killed 20 enemies in midair. Flying?s fine ? it?s landing that hurts. Also, the magic spells.Hard Shoulder (10 points) – You dealt with a travelling enemy by making it crash and die. Ben Hur would be proud.Roadkill (10 points) – You ran down an enemy with your cart. Consider investing in a plough.Cartmageddon (20 points) – A good driver keeps their hands on the reins at all times, apart from when they?re killing things.Pimp My Cart (5 points) – Yo Gabe, we heard you like Heroes so we hung a Hero from your cart so you can Hero while you Hero.Wheeee! (5 points) – You thrust your arms in the air during the minecart ride. Souvenir photo available in the gift shop.I Used to Be an Adventurer (10 points) – Then I took an arrow to the horse. She